Updates from Dan

Greetings!  (I love saying that word…it seems so…I don’t know….old school European or something)

Anyways, I wanted to write a quick update on my writings.  I will be taking a short 3 month break or so from my personal writings and thoughts while I work on the upcoming book project God is Loud.

I do have some interesting thoughts and blogs in the making including the following categories

Youth Ministry/Personal:

Why I stopped witnessing

Spread too thin?

You never know who will walk through your doors

Lessons learned from college football

A fresh up of inspiration

Actions speak louder than words (and often beliefs)

Book reviews:

Sustainable Youth Ministry

Presence Centered Youth Ministry

The Blue Parakeet

The Youth Ministry Survival Guide

and…the “Shift” series parts 8-10.

So stayed tuned ladies and gentlemen for those posts plus many more in our next episode.

However, the exciting news is that I will be switching gears for a bit and using this blog as a springboard, launching point, and collaborative laboratory for the God is Loud project.

I am working on a time-table and talking with Chris Folmsbee and Barefoot about deadlines, but hopefully this will be finished around graduation time (making for a great gift for your seniors…they don’t have to know it was free!)

I hope to post one chapter at a time and then for around two weeks get input, examples, writings, etc.. from youth workers.  We will then process them all and use what we can (while taking every thought into consideration) and expand and edit the chapter until completed.

In order not to confuse things, I will refrain from posting my usual writings and articles.  However, if and when articles are published, I will simply add a link to those.

I will be out in the Twin Cities, attending the First Third conference held at Bethel Seminary.  Andrew Root, Kendra Dean, Tony Jones, Doug Pagitt, Mike King and others will be on hand leading the discussions of theological foundations and implications for the future of youth ministry.  Should be great!  I will hopefully post a few blog updates from my time out there, and after that will be posting the God is Loud materials.

So there you have it.

Thanks for your support, partnership, and participation in the months to come.


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