Contacting and Connecting


One of the great aspects of blogging for me has been the conversations and relationships built over these past few years. I really enjoy reading and responding to your comments and learning from each of you.  I love social connectivity, especially when it relates to ministry. So, I would love to connect up with you and share our stories about youth ministry in whatever contexts or situations we find ourselves in.

You can subscribe to this blog in a few ways from the home page.

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If you are ever visiting New York City, please stop by to visit.

My church, Round Hill Community Church, is located only 40 minutes from Manhattan easily accessible by train or highway.


I hope to stay connected with you all and wanted to thank you again for your support, friendship, encouragement, and inspiration as we journey together in faith and formation.

I am also available on a very limited basis for speaking, training, and consulting.



6 thoughts on “Contacting and Connecting

  1. Hi,
    I am impressed with this confirmation program and would like more information.
    How would I speak, email, or connect with someone to have some questions I have regarding this program? Also, I like to find out if their is a leaders guide and what the cost for the program. Thanks again for your help.
    San Ramon Grace

  2. Dear Dan,

    After reading through your blog we would like to encourage you to check out We believe the content on this website is relevant to your readers because it is a faith-based site that is safe for the whole family to enjoy. Your blog features various uplifting content geared towards believers that coincides with the purpose of

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    Recognizing this is true, was created to be a video viewing alternative with family-friendly and Christian content. Site categories include music, comedy, movie, ministry, Spanish, educational, inspirational and cute videos featuring kids and animals.

    As a blogger, we dare you to take the challenge to see exactly what we mean. It’s very simple. We ask that you search for the same term on both and and compare the results. We guarantee that the videos that appear on will be family-friendly.

    Once you’ve taken the challenge, write and publish a blog post sharing about your experience. Then, let us know about the post by sending Lauren Williams at an email with the subject line “ Challenge” and a link to your post, and during the month of May we will place your blog post on the Facebook page, which currently has more than 92,000 “fans.”

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    You can also check out Norton Online Family’s list of kids’ most popular search terms.

    More information about can be found at Also please check out during May for special contests and new content during the “30 Days of GodTube” Campaign. The month long event will feature a virtual scavenger hunt, a flash mob video contest, cash prizes and other promotions. We hope you are up for taking the challenge and look forward to reading about it on your blog.

    Lauren Williams

  3. Have you heard of Children, Youth and a New Kind of Christianity? It’s a groundbreaking conference happenning in Washington, DC May 7-10, 2012. Speakers include Brian McLaren, John Westerhoff, Almeda Wright, Ivy Beckwith, Jim Wallis, Shane Claiborne, Melvin Bray, and others. Check out for more info.

  4. Where did you get that beautiful picture of the Immaculate Heart of Mary with infant Jesus on your blog? ImmaculateHeartofMaryBeMySalvation . I would like to find a high resolution file of it for enlargement.

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