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My name is Dan and I am a youth worker. I’ve been in youth ministry for over twelve years now and have witnessed the growing trend of teenagers becoming completely dissatisfied and disillusioned with traditional church…and traditional youth ministry models. So this is my plight. I realize I cannot solve this issue, but my hope is to try to reinvent the way youth ministry has been done and attempt to bring, not just the message of Jesus, but Jesus himself to this next generation of students.

Originally from the Northeast cities of Boston and New York, I now live in Paris serving at the Director of Youth and Young Adults at The American Church in Paris, www.acparis.org

I serve as the Director of Global Development for a humanitarian NGO called Orchids of LIght http://orchidsoflight.org and occasionally jump in as an adjunct professor of youth ministry at a few colleges and seminaries in the U.S.

I graduated from Gordon College with degrees in Biblical Studies and Theology and Youth Ministries and also received my Masters of Divinity from Alliance Theological Seminary. I have a passion for student ministry, church renewal and transformation, missions, theology, conversations, reading and writing, and enjoy a good cigar and glass of French wine from time to time.

My wife’s name is Lauretta and she is a special education teacher and is very much enjoying our new life in France.We have a dog named Brady and have twin boys Jack and Blake who are almost one year old.


11 thoughts on “About me

  1. Great blog. Thanks for the resource. I read the article on business and it is always a good reminder to remember the important part of ministry is about changing lives, not recording it quite so much. Balance.

  2. Dan…thanks…I’m a youth pastor in Ohio and we’ve begun the process of trying how to redo youth ministry. Your insights have been encouraging and helpful.

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  4. so good to know that someone is launching out to the youths in NY through the emerging youth platform. was really blessed by the write-up “women in the youth ministry”, being my ministry. can’t wait to see more women join the rescue team in salvaging the next generation. you may wish to check out my blog on the topic “where are the youths”.

  5. An inspired site, Dan. I think that you bring the true message of Christ to our young adults – a message that once it is understood, can be recognized in holy practices around the world. In other words, you are trying to transcend the boundaries of man-made religion, and help our youth find the living Christ everywhere. Thank you for all you do.

  6. The Bible says very simply, “Preach the Word.” It does not say reinvent the Bible. It does not say to come up with fancy ways to present it. It does say that many will be offended by it. It does say that people will want their ears tickled. It does say that narrow is the road and few find it.

    Please reconsider your ways and repent. You are on a dangerous path.

  7. I am blessed to get to this blog this morning. Was searching for some information to post to the youth regarding Blessed Mary, and I ended here.

    I pray you are fine and your family. I am Steven, an up coming youth minister in Uganda. I am not trained, or qualified in that field, though my love to serve the youth is rooted down in my heart. Read more about me on my blog.

    Youth ministry is a new adventure here in Uganda, and am pretty sure that I can learn much from you. Let us be friends.

    Peace and blessings.

  8. I was going to hide myself behind a cloak of anonymity, claim to be righteous, and find something critical and mean to say. Instead, how about a dangerous thank you? I’m studying Psychology, which largely involves being a morale officer. I thought, here’s another kind of morale officer. So howdy do. Lovely page. Now, best be doing that repenting now. Suggest you do it in an angry tone. The angrier you are, the holier are your good works.

  9. I just read an old post from 2010 on women in youth ministry. I am a female youth pastor looking to share my experience with other female youth pastors or advocates. Any ideas?

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