Gaining Ground in Gabon


On July 6 a team of 13 high school students and leaders from The American Church in Paris will leave the comforts of France and venture to Gabon, Africa.  This year we are blessed to have a group from New York join our team for the two weeks of service.  This year’s trip will mark my third summer in Gabon and I am amazed to see what God has accomplished during these years.  There have been uncertainties and difficulties, but all along the way, God provides and proves faithf

When I first arrived with my youth group from New York back in the summer of 2011, our team was overwhelmed at the sheer size of the task ahead of us.  We spent one week with the Hope House trying to develop relationships with these forgotten children and teenagers. The second week consisted of clearing land in a jungle and preparing trenches for the cement that one day would begin the foundation of a new church for the village.  We worked hard and shed many tears and drops of sweat.

 Last year, a dynamic group from ACP traveled back to these same sites to continue the work.  Being French-speaking, our team was able to connect with the Hope House and establish strong personal connections.  Wonderful ministry was accomplish through a Vacation Bible School program, shared interests and hours of dialogue.  In the village of Ebel Abenga, our Parisian party began and completed the actual foundation of the building! 

 And now the two teams unite in a combined effort to gain even more ground in Gabon.  The combination of experience, fluency in French, and passion for the people of Gabon is exhilarating as we are only days away from departure.  Due to an unattainable increase in rent, Pastor Israel had to leave the Hope House and is beginning the work of constructing their very own building that will better accommodate the needs of the children.  Through God’s provisions, an angel from ACP requested his company’s help to provide 100% of the materials need to complete the construction!  And so our teams will spend the first week with the children of Hope House running a VBS program again and helping build their new home.  Our second week will be back in the village beginning construction of the walls that one day will house a church, school, and medical clinic. 

 I am thankful for the support of these two church communities in proving for these trips and grateful for the hard work and dedication of our team members as we embark on God’s calling to Africa. 

If you would like to follow our team’s progression and reflections while in Africa, please subscribe to the blog linked below



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