a new endeavor: “coaching” social media

I am excited to embark on a new adventure working as a “coach” for Social Phonics…the social media brainchild of Tony Jones and Doug Pagitt.

I have known both guys for a number of years and was thrilled to see them branch out and create an organization to assist the church in its mission by “training pastor, ministry leaders, and non-profit leaders in the use of social media.”

Here is a brief blurb about the organization from the website Socialphonics.com

“Social Phonics, a division of JoPa Productions, is the premier organization training pastors, ministry leaders, and non-profit leaders in the use of social media.  Through our Social Phonics Boot Camps, Social Phonics Summer Camp, and our certified Social Phonics Coaches, we provide hands-on training that immediately empowers leaders to harness the power of social media.

We are convinced of the incredible power that social media have to connect people to one another and to churches, ministries, and organizations.  And we are committed to staying on top of the latest developments in social media so that we can keep you and your organization up-to-date.”

I have been an advocate of all forms of social media and networking for a while.  Though no “expert” by any definition, I have both personally and professionally seen the impact and influence from effectively utilizing these online tools.  My own church and youth ministry has benefited with more public exposure and community connectivity through social mediums such as Twitter, Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

Personally, this here blog of mine has led to teaching classes, traveling and training youth workers, speaking engagements, and a book contract.

You know that old adage from that hair growth company “I’m not only the president…I’m also a client”?

I am proud and honored to be a “coach”, simply because I really do believe in the power of social media and the ability of all church people (paid and volunteers) to leverage the influence of the internet for the greater good of God’s kingdom work.


I have included the announcement about the new coaching program:

About our Coaches

Here at Social Phonics, we’re thrilled to have five new Coaches on our team.  You can read about them and what they’ll be doing below.  They’re all great and highly qualified individuals to help you and your organization maximize your social media footprint.

One of their duties will be to expand the number of Boot Camps we’ll be offering, beginning in the Fall.  If you’d like to host a Boot Camp in 2011-2012, please drop us an email and let’s start that conversation.

Our Certified Coaches

We have added five new members to our team.  Please welcome them:
Adam Walker Cleaveland
Kimberly Knight
Mike Baughman
Wendy Johnson
Dan Haugh

Each of them is perfectly suited to join the Social Phonics team.  They’ve got extensive experience in both social media and in the church.  You can read about each of them, and see them, on our Coaches Page, but for now, here’s a little teaser on each of them:

Adam is a pastor, runs one of the most popular Christian blogs in the blogosphere, and designs websites…

Kimberly has pastored a Second Life Church for several years…

Mike wowed his church staff with a successful Facebook Ads campaign for their Christmas Eve service…

Wendy has parlayed her work as a denominational communications officer into her own business advising small churches…

And Dan parlayed his youth ministry blog into a book contract.

So, as you can see, this is a great group!  They’ll be doing several things as Certified Social Phonics Coaches, including running Social Phonics Boot Camps around the country beginning in the Fall.  They’ll also be offering one-on-one coaching and consulting contracts with churches, non-profits, and individuals.

Contact us to set up an appointment with the Social Phonics Coach in your region.


If any of you happen to be interested in attending a Social Media Boot Camp or having your institution (church, seminary, college, denomination) host one, send me an email at dan@socialphonics.com


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